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How We Can Help You

Large Pharma

You will be only too aware of the financial importance of maintaining a solid scientific reputation in the eyes of your patients, shareholders, collaborators and perhaps most importantly – your staff. Science Policy Compass can help ensure that you are on the right track with the key bioethical issues that enable cutting edge science to progress smoothly. We work in an informed, efficient way with your own science policy staff, or directly with your scientists. We can provide objective reassurance of the approach you are taking in a particularly difficult area, or perhaps hold up the mirror with another view or approach, that is sometimes not always easy to get traction for in a large organization. We also provide crucial insight to topics that have not yet hit the headlines to ensure that you are ready with policies and reactive position statements ahead of time.  

Start-ups and Small to Medium Enterprise Pharma

Have you fully considered the wide-ranging impact of providing more transparency to the science you carry out each day? Science Policy Compass is equipped to inform and propose solutions for a whole range of key topics which are currently raging in the outside world. By upgrading your company website with simple, compelling and transparent descriptions of your company’s position on topics central to your scientific strategy, you will immediately gain respect in the eyes of investors, and your growing numbers of collaborators and staff.  

Ethical Investors

Science Policy Compass can help you obtain a better understanding of todays preferred scientific practice and the future direction of biological research. This will to enable you to ask the most appropriate questions that will quickly lead to you a penetrative and meaningful understanding of a company’s culture and their intent towards responsible science.        

Students & Graduates

As innovation in medicine and technology continues to grow at lightning speed, an opportunity has been created for individuals to choose a career in bioethics outside of academia. More young people and continuing professionals are seeking advanced degrees in bioethics in hopes of becoming a part of this exciting industry, yet knowing where to start and how to market this unique qualification can prove quite challening. Science Policy Compass welcomes the opportunity to work with universities and colleges to help develop students’ professional readiness to enter the job market. We provide career advice to students and recent graduates and are able to advise more specifically on pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry or as a bioethics consultant. Empowering students with this kind of knowledge is not only sure to boost post graduation success, it also demonstrates the institution’s investment in bioethics as a valuable degree choice.