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Founder and Director, Mark Robertson

Until August 2016, Mark was Director in the Global Policy & Corporate Responsibility team in Corporate Affairs, AstraZeneca with 7 years dedicated science policy experience.  As Chair of the AstraZeneca Bioethics Advisory Group, responsible for evolving AstraZeneca Global Bioethics Policy which included company guidance on the Nagoya Protocol; access to human biological samples for use in research; big data and data privacy; precise genome editing; clinical trials transparency and quality.

Educated at Southampton University, UK and University of Chicago, USA, Mark is a PhD pharmacologist (>50 peer-reviewed publications) and with 30 years Pharma experience mostly in novel medicine project delivery (e.g. as section manager of Astra pre-clinical team that conceived the principle of and discovered the anti-thrombotic agents, Brilinta and Cangrelor).  Worked in several Pharma (including 10 years at GSK), disease areas and business models. Astra/Zeneca corporate merger team member 1999-2000. 

In the past 7 years, Mark has specialised on science policy and bioethics. His current interest areas include: Responsible Business and corporate sustainability; corporate reputation, precise genome editing /gene therapy ethics; synthetic biology; chimeras; Nagoya Protocol /biodiversity /access and benefit sharing; clinical trial transparency and quality, donor and patient consent/ data privacy, transparent access to human biological samples for research use. 

Associate Consultant, Melissa Wood

Melissa holds a Master's of Arts in Bioethics & Society from King's College London. Her previous experience is largely focused in clinical bioethics and end of life care. She also worked as a patient advocate and ethicist for an urban health clinic in the southern United States where she undertook a large project focused on fine tuning the processes by which uninsured patients access the appropriate health care services and decreasing the number of those patients presenting to the emergency department for on-going care.

Melissa's most current research explored the concept of solidarity as a morally actionable principle in the context of health and social care and has been received with honours.

Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

An Idea is Born

"During my time as Chair of the AstraZeneca Bioethics Advisory Group I came to understand the practical, cultural and financial importance of establishing a top rate reputation for ethical science.  But I also came to realise that outside of AstraZeneca, that understanding wasn't always so clearly displayed by every other scientific community and organisation.   This realisation gave me the idea to create Science Policy Compass." 


Establishing a high quality ethical reputation is an increasingly essential component to make any science activity attractive in the eyes of your investors, your staff, your collaborators and the general public.  At Science Policy Compass we focus on providing high-quality support and advice bespoke to your business needs.  Whether you work in industry, academia or government, our tailored deliverables include broad science/bioethics policy generation or advice, or more detailed standard documents depending on your needs. We also provide advice to ethical investors.